Sales, Upgrades and Repairs
We handle sales, upgrades and repairs for desktops or laptops, small business servers, hardware, Windows OS upgrades, Windows performance enhancement, on-site maintenance, and much more...
Virus and Spyware Solutions
Virus Detection - Using the most up-to-date Virus Detection software, we will scan your system and let you know if your computer is infected.

Virus Removal - We will remove any viruses currently on your system. This is a one-time solution, not constant protection.

Anti-Virus Software Sales & Installation - Your computers need to be protected. We sell and install Anti-Virus software at your location, with a minimum of down-time. We will instruct your users on software updates and daily operation.

Spyware Detection & Removal - Using the most aggressive spyware software, we will scan your system and find any spyware or scumware infecting your system and eradicate it! This is a one-time solution, not constant protection.

Anti-Spyware Software Sales & Installation - We sell and install Anti-Spyware software to keep your computers safe.
Computer and Server Networking
Network Consulting, Design, Implementation - If you have more than one computer, then it's time to Network! Starting from the ground up, we will take the time to determine your current and future needs and design and install a network that will meet today's needs and tomorrow's growth, without breaking the bank!

Network Upgrades - When you've outgrown your current network, we can plan upgrades with minimum downtime and maximum results.

Network Maintenance - If your network is not keeping up with you, it may just need some maintenance. Let us determine if your Network just needs a cleaning or something more extensive.

Small Business Networks - Size is not an issue. Two computers to two-hundred computers. We can make them talk to each other!

Wireless and Mobile Networks - Secure wireless and mobile network design and installation. Keep unwanted users out of your valuable network, eliminate bandwidth theft, and stop hackers in their tracks!

Firewalls - Keep your company network safe from intruders. We install and configure firewalls for a wide variety of business sizes and needs.

Cable, DSL, Satellite & Dial-up Network Setup - However you connect, we can assist.

Network Printers - Your printers are a valuable asset to your company. Make sure they are being used to their best and highest potential. We can design a printer network tailored to your company's needs. Print job wait-time will be virtually eliminated.

VPN - Virtual Private Network installation and implementation. If you have more than one physical location, it doesn't have to be isolated. Maximize your investment by securely connecting locations.

Wi-Fi Hot Spots - Want to attract customers with the value-added service of providing Wi-Fi hot spots? We can set up free or pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi service for your customers.
“Green” ComPuters
Let's make the world a better place, and lower electric power consumption at your home and office by using a Shuttle computer. These systems will not only help the environment but they are also easy on your wallet. Just to give you an example, the K45 is a green friendly cube which consumes just 1/3* the amount of power a standard system would and save hundreds to thousands of dollars for your home or office. Without a doubt the K45 is the most environmentally friendly and easy to use solution. All our environmentally friendly Shuttle systems are custom designed for your situation!
IT Consulting
We're famous for taking the S.H. out of I.T. Starting from the ground up, we will take the time to determine your current and future needs. We'll design and install whatever IT solutions will meet today's needs and tomorrow's growth, without breaking the bank! We are a complete computer department, all in one! We handle consulting, disaster recovery, risk management, system administration, performance enhancement and training. We even have maintenance contracts that will fit your needs.
Application and Software Solutions
Your needs are our highest priority. We will take the time to determine what results you are striving for, find the best fit and deliver a complete solution. If your solution doesn't exist, our team will design a custom application that fits your requirements. We offer project management, performance enhancement, and maintenance. We will carefully plan and implement every detail.
Internet and Web Design Services
Your site is generally your client's first impression of your company. Make it a good one! We will work closely with you to determine what you need and want from your web site. We'll register your domain, host it, and provide custom email addresses. We can assist you with email marketing campaigns, e-commerce, and shopping carts. Your site is optimized for search engines. From start to finish, we will give your site the custom look and feel you want!
Graphic Design
From logos to letterhead, business cards to postcards, we can design it and get it printed for much less than you'd expect! Photograph enhancement and custom artwork available.