Our Approach

We're famous for taking the S.H. out of I.T. Starting from the ground up, we will take the time to determine your current and future needs. We'll design and install whatever IT solutions will meet today's needs and tomorrow's growth, without breaking the bank! We are a complete computer department, all in one! We handle consulting, disaster recovery, risk management, system administration, performance enhancement and training. We even have maintenance contracts that will fit your needs.

Our Story

Once Steve left the Air Force, he started working part-time on other people's computers and sold real estate. When the market fell, he decided to go into computer support full-time and started his own business. One of his customers was a mortgage company and after a few years persuaded Steve to work for them full-time. When the mortgage market declined in 2007, Steve was out of work. Since he had enjoyed having his own business and the support he could provide his customers, he started again, and PuterWerkZ was born!


Meet the Team

steve ryba


Founder & CEO

Steve's first look at computers was in the United States Air Force. He quickly saw the power and potential for business and personal use. He took time to learn everything he could, and in 1985, he was awarded a Joint Services Commendation Medal for designing a program to speed up a time-consuming task for his department.

daniel ryba


Linux Expert

Daniel has been "playing" with computers ever since he could bang on a keyboard as a small baby. He's the guy that got in trouble at school for hacking ("just to see if I could!") into the computers. Now, he's using his talents with PuterWerkZ. Daniel is well versed in computer repair, including repairing laptops, networking, and security (anti-hacking), as well as experienced in Linux!

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Apple Genius

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Let Us Make Your Day...

We handle sales, upgrades and repairs for desktops or laptops, small business servers, hardware, Windows OS upgrades, Windows performance enhancement, on-site maintenance, and much more...